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Aircraft Maintenance & Purchasing Services

East Coast Aero Club is pleased to offer aircraft maintenance services and purchasing services to the general aviation community in New England.  Please read more below on our unique capabilities in each of these areas.

Aircraft Maintenance Services at East Coast Aero Club

It would have been nearly impossible for us to ensure the level of safety we sought to achieve without overseeing the maintenance of our own aircraft; it was this principle that led to the formation of our top-notch aircraft maintenance department.

Our maintenance operation has grown quite extensively since its inception and today we employ seven full-time airframe and powerplant mechanics, six of whom hold FAA inspection authorization and many of whom also hold advanced pilot ratings. We are a fully FAA certified repair station (Q10R685Y) specializing in piston aircraft. We are also a Lycoming authorized fleet operator as well as a Robinson certified repair station.

After many years of maintaining such a large fleet, we have gained quite a bit of expertise and are pleased to offer our services to the entire aviation community.  From annuals to general repairs to pitot-static and transponder certifications, we welcome you to call upon our vast knowledge of piston aircraft for any of your maintenance needs.

Contact East Coast Aero Club about your upcoming maintenance event.

Aircraft Purchasing Services

Purchasing an aircraft can be a perplexing process. Making such a purchase without the assistance of a trained professional can lead to financially disastrous consequences. East Coast Aero Club is pleased to offer full-service aircraft purchasing assistance. Let our highly experienced aviation professionals assist you in obtaining your dream aircraft! We making purchasing easy by:

  • Locating the ideal aircraft
  • Appraising the aircraft
  • Test-flying the aircraft
  • Inspecting the aircraft
  • Brokering the transaction
  • Arranging financing and insurance
  • Delivering the aircraft
  • Providing training or insurance checkouts
  • Maintaining and managing the aircraft

Contact East Coast Aero Club today to learn more about our aircraft purchasing services.

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