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Aircraft Rental – Nashua, NH (KASH)

Aircraft available for rental from the East Coast Aero Club location at Boire Field in Nashua, NH (ASH).  All hourly rates listed are wet (fuel included) and do not include instructor fees (below).  For more information on rental requirements, contact the Nashua office.


thumb_warrior-arrow Piper Warrior III (KLN89B) $139.00 / hour
thumb_c172 Cessna 172R/S $149.00 / hour
thumb_c172 Cessna 172S $155.00 / hour
thumb_warrior-arrow Piper Arrow (Garmin 530) $175.00 / hour


Instructor Rates:
Certified Flight Instructor:  $60.00 / hour
Senior Certified Flight Instructor:  $70.00 / hour

East Coast Aero Club provides high-quality flight instruction and aircraft rental. Our fleet includes over 40 aircraft, including two multi-engine airplanes and two Robinson helicopters, maintained by our staff of aviation maintenance technicians. We have over 25 certified flight instructors at three locations, offering instruction for Private and Commercial Pilot Certificates, as well as Instrument and Multi-Engine ratings.