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Tours & Special Flights

Because you only live once, treat yourself to a helicopter tour over Boston, one of the world’s most beautiful cities. We have a river, a harbor filled with ships, skyscrapers, parks, universities, and impressive bridges. We’ve flown thousands of customers around the city already and hope that you’ll be next! You trip starts at Hanscom Field, right in the middle of Minuteman National Historical Park and a short drive from downtown Boston. We offer the following tours:

  • Enjoy the views near the airport of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond and historic Concord, MA: $99 per person; two-person minimum
  • Retrace Paul Revere’s famous ride through Belmont, Arlington, Harvard University, M.I.T., the Zakim Bridge, downtown Boston and the waterfront, Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Fenway Park, Boston University, the Charles River, the Waltham mills, Brandeis University, Weston, and Lincoln: $199 per person; two-person minimum
  • Follow the downtown Boston loop above with your choice of a journey along the North Shore or South Shore beaches and towns: $299 per person; two-person minimum

To Schedule

To schedule a tour or a special flight, call us at 781-274-6322.

  • We can accommodate up to three passengers (220 lb limit per person, 550 lbs total)
  • Photos are encouraged so bring a camera!
  • We welcome children of any age (under two years of age, the child can fly free on an adult’s lap).
  • The best time of the day to fly: Mornings are typically the smoothest. Evening flights are also smooth, plus you may enjoy a beautiful sunset and the lights of downtown Boston are beautiful.

What’s it like?

Taking off from Hanscom/Bedford, we fly over the Revolutionary War battlefields of Lexington and reverse Paul Revere’s horse’s steps back towards Boston over Route 2. We will pass the Mormon Temple and continue in to West Cambridge where we will fly down the Charles River, surrounded by Harvard College on our left and Harvard Business School on our right. We’ll continue down the river to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, then make a U-turn just past the Museum of Science to fly over Beacon Hill, the Massachusetts State House, Boston Common, and the Public Garden. We will continue over Beacon Street through Back Bay, below the Hancock and Prudential skyscrapers. At the Fenway Park baseball stadium, we’ll turn left to give everyone a good look at where the Red Sox play, then over the Museum of Fine Arts and back around the tall buildings of Back Bay and downtown Boston. We’ll come around the waterfront, seeing the Boston Harbor Hotel (the one with the hole in the middle), Quincy Market, the New England Aquarium, the North End, the USS Constitution, and the Bunker Hill Monument. We’ll begin our trip back to the airport by flying over the Zakim Bridge.

If you want to extend your flight, we can visit your neighborhood or fly up and down the shoreline. The trip from Boston up the North Shore to Marblehead, Salem, and Manchester is very scenic.

The tour around Lincoln, Concord, and Walden Pond is about 10 minutes in the air plus another 10 minutes of starting up and shutting down the helicopter. It is a good choice for kids and others who want to experience helicopter flight. The standard Boston tour is closer to 30 minutes of flight time, depending on the wind. Tours that include the North Shore or South Shore are close to 1 hour in the air.

Check out this slideshow for even more pictures of our helicopters flying over the sights of Boston.

What people are saying

What an adventure! This was by far the most incredible way to experience
Boston and the surrounding area. For me, someone from a vast open land
with lots of space, it made it seem like such a friendly place, so much
less intimidating than when I was a tourist on the ground.

Lilly Marcotte, Kinistino, Saskatchewan, Canada

I have lived here for over 4 years and never seen Boston in such a
breathtaking and unique way. It will be an experience I remember for a
lifetime! I would recommend this to anyone!

Raychel Marcotte, Cambridge, Mass. USA

I was surprised by how many trees there were in and around the area,
and how much beauty there was in the architecture and landscape. I
enjoyed the close-up views of the Zakim bridge, looking into the
windows of the Hancock and Prudential towers, and admiring the
snake-like curves of the Charles River.

Tracy Wemett, Cambridge, Mass. USA

The tour was so much more than I expected and it was breathless being
able to see the city from a bird’s perspective. Above and beyond the
experience of just being in a helicopter, you were an awesome tour guide!!
The way you explained everything from the types of jets in the hangar to
the mechanisms of the helicopter, to the different nuances of suburban
history, to the city points of interest was what made the trip an A+++.
Anyone could have taken us up and brought us down, but you made it a total
experience, so thank you!

Michele Sabri, Boston, Mass. USA

To learn more about this incredible experience from previous helicopter tour passengers, click here to visit our Reviews on our Facebook Page.

Special Flights: Engagements

On many of our flights, the passengers sat down in the helicopter as single people and walked out as an engaged couple. Each passenger gets a noise-canceling headset, which makes it easy to communicate. The intercom system has a “pilot isolate” setting so we aren’t sure what any of the men said but no woman ever refused the proposal. One guy got friends and family to hang letters in the windows of the Prudential Center, 52 floors above Back Bay, reading “Marry Me Shannon?” (photo from April 2009)

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