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Nashua, NH (ASH)

Benefits of flying out of ECAC Nashua, NH

  • Tower controlled – Enables students to develop a level of comfort with operating in a controlled environment as well as radio communications.
  • Located under Manchester airspace – Students gain familiarity with operating in congested airspace and traveling to larger airports.
  • Light jet traffic – Gives students practical experience with operating around larger aircraft.
  • Close proximity to many airports – Flights to Nantucket, the White Mountains, and the Hudson River Corridor not only make for exciting training opportunities, but also for fun day trips once you obtain your license.
  • Surrounded by diverse terrain – Mountains, ocean, lakes, densely populated cities and sparsely populated farm land – understanding the many considerations for operating an aircraft over such diverse environments is essential for any pilot.
  • Large runway – Learning to land is difficult enough as it is; why complicate things by trying to learn on a runway the size of your driveway? We are in close proximity to many airports with smaller runways that we utilize for short field and soft field practice.
  • Friendly airport environment – Boire Field is one of a dying breed, in that it still has a true general aviation spirit. While training at Nashua you will meet many aviation enthusiasts that are always willing to give guidance throughout your training or to just talk about flying! For those seeking careers in aviation, this is an excellent place to make interpersonal connections, which are essential for getting hired in this tight-knit industry.

Airport Snapshot 

  • Latitude / Longitude: N42º46.91’ W71º30.89’
  • Field Elevation: 199’
  • Variation: 16W
  • Time Zone: UTC -4 (daylight savings), UTC -5 (standard time)
  • Control Tower: Yes (operates 0700-2100 local)
  • FAA Identifier: ASH


  • Tower / CTAF    133.2
  • Ground / Clearance Delivery  121.8
  • ATIS / ASOS    125.1
  • Boston Approach / Departure  124.9

Runway (14 / 32)

  • Dimensions:    5,501’ x 100’
  • Surface:   Asphalt, fair condition
  • Runway edge lights:   High intensity

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