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R44 Transition Training

We offer a two-day Robinson R44 transition training course for pilots with R22 time and a three-day course for high-time pilots with no Robinson experience. At the end of the course, you get an SFAR 73 pilot-in-command signoff for the Robinson R44 and a bill for $475 per flight hour (dual, wet), which makes us the cheapest place in the world to do your R44 transition.

You will do your flying in and around downtown Boston, Massachusetts, one of the world’s most beautiful cities when seen from the air. We have a river, a harbor filled with ships, skyscrapers, parks, universities, and impressive bridges. You will get experience with Class B airspace and working cooperatively with some of the busiest and best air traffic controllers in the world.



  • read the R44 Raven I POH and memorize the limitations and emergency procedures
  • print out and study an airport diagram for KBED
  • fill out the paperwork to open an East Coast Aero Club account

Day 1

  • Ground instruction and review: 2 hours.
  • Flight 1: airport familiarization, hover work, normal takeoffs and approaches, max performance takeoffs and steep approaches
  • lunch break
  • Flight 2: hover work, normal takeoff and landing, air taxis and quick stops, straight-in autorotations (3)
  • Ground instruction and review: 1 hour.

Day 2

  • Flight 3: governor-off operations (hover and pattern), low-rotor RPM recovery, emergency procedures, straight-in auto, 180 autorotations (2)
  • Flight 4: hydraulics off operation, review of low-G hazards and recovery (discussion, not demonstration!)
  • signoff and payment for any flight time beyond the minimum 5 hours


R44 Transition (pilot with R22 experience)
Dual Flight (5 Hours) $ 2,375
Ground Instruction (3 Hours) $ 150
Total $2,525

The following table’s estimate is for helicopter pilots who have never flown a Robinson of any type.

R44 Transition (no Robinson experience)
Dual Flight (10 Hours) $ 4,750
Ground Instruction (3 Hours) $ 150
Total $4,900

How to Schedule

Email with the following information:

  • total hours in fixed wing and rotorcraft
  • hours in Robinson R22 and R44
  • when you would like to do your transition training
  • long-term goals (personal fun, commercial pilot?)

Or call the East Coast Aero Club front desk at (781) 274-6322.


According to the terms set forth in SFAR 73, you must have at least 10 hours of Robinson time to be pilot-in-command of a Robinson helicopter. At least 5 hours of those 10 must be in the specific model of Robinson helicopter. Finally, you need a signoff from an instructor that you are qualified to act as pilot-in-command. The official verbiage…

(2) No person may act as pilot in command of a Robinson R-44 unless that person — (i) Has had at least 200 flight hours in helicopters, at least 50 flight hours of which were in the Robinson R-44. The pilot in command may credit up to 25 flight hours in the Robinson R-22 toward the 50 hour requirement in the Robinson R-44; or (ii) Has had at least 10 hours dual instruction in a Robinson helicopter, at least 5 hours of which must have been accomplished in the Robinson R-44 helicopter and has received an endorsement from a certified flight instructor authorized under paragraph (b)(5) of this section that the individual has been given the training required by this paragraph and is proficient to act as pilot in command of an R-44. Beginning 12 calendar months after the date of the endorsement, the individual may not act as pilot in command unless the individual has completed a flight review in a Robinson R-44 within the preceding 12 calendar months and obtained an endorsement for that flight review. The dual instruction must include at least the following abnormal and emergency procedures flight training —

(A) Enhanced training in autorotation procedures;

(B) Engine rotor RPM control without the use of the governor;

(C) Low rotor RPM recognition and recovery; and

(D) Effects of low G maneuvers and proper recovery procedures.