Instrument Rating

The instrument rating is an excellent addition to any pilot certificate, whether you are looking to become a professional pilot or are just a weekend warrior. This rating adds an unparalleled level of safety by sharpening a pilot’s proficiency and lessening the risks associated with unexpected adverse weather conditions.


Operate as Pilot in Command in instrument meteorological conditions (weather that is below required flight conditions for visual flight)

Requirements (Part 61)

  • 50 Hours of cross country flight as pilot in command
  • 40 Hours of actual or simulated instrument time
    • 15 Hours of instrument flight training from an authorized instructor in the aircraft category for which the instrument rating is sought
    • 3 Hours of preparation instruction within 60 days prior to the practical exam
    • Note: A maximum of 20 hours may be performed in a flight simulator or flight training device with an authorized instructor
  • IFR 250 NM cross country flight along airways or ATC-directed routing
    • Includes an instrument approach at each airport; and
    • Three different kinds of approaches with the use of navigation systems
  • Pass FAA written examination
  • Pass FAA check ride


There are a number of variables that can affect the total cost of instrument training and therefore the following breakdown is only an estimate. This estimate assumes the candidate has already fulfilled approximately 40 of the 50 hours of cross-country Pilot-in-Command time required to obtain this rating. Please note that this breakdown is based on our Bedford rates (with the exception of the simulator charges) and will vary between locations. Additionally, this estimate should provide you with an idea of virtually all of the costs associated with obtaining this rating. We have established this estimate using a fairly conservative approach to avoid unexpected expenses. If you have questions regarding how our pricing differs from the pricing of our competitors please feel free to contact us!


Instrument Rating Cost Breakdown

Warrior II/C172M

Warrior III C172 G1000
Dual Flight (25 Hours) $ 5,375 $ 5,625 $ 5,875
Dual Simulator (15 Hours) $ 1,650 $ 1,650 $ 1,650
Ground Instruction (5 Hours) $ 350 $ 350 $ 350
Books / Supplies (Approximate) $ 114 $ 114 $ 114
FAA Written Exam $ 150 $ 150 $ 150
FAA Practical Test (Examiner Fee) $ 450 $ 450 $ 450
FAA Practical Test (Aircraft Rental Approx. 1.5 Hours) $ 233 $ 248 $ 263
Total $ 8,322 $ 8,587 $ 8,852