The ECAC Difference

We are often asked what sets our company apart from our competitors. The following are the main tenets upon which our company operates. They are promises we have made to ourselves and to our customers. If you have had the chance to shop around, you will quickly realize that these tenets are what set us apart.

  1. Commitment to Unparalleled Maintenance

Perhaps the greatest cost associated with flight instruction and aircraft rental comes from maintenance of the equipment. Unfortunately, this is also the area where many flight schools try to cut costs by ignoring minor maintenance issues, neglecting to do preventative maintenance or performing inadequate repairs.

We refuse to lower our maintenance standards, which enable us to ensure that you will fly the safest equipment possible. Our in-house maintenance department operates a progressive maintenance program, which means that our aircraft receive preventative maintenance more frequently than the typical flight school. Furthermore, because of the size of our operation, we stock quality aircraft parts resulting in quick maintenance turnarounds.

  1. Commitment to Superior Instruction

We believe that if a customer is paying us to learn how to fly, we need to make them the safest, most competent pilot they can be. We realize, however, that flight instruction is far from inexpensive and as such, we commit to teach in the most efficient manner as possible. In order to achieve these goals, we staff only highly-qualified FAA certified instructors. Our instructors have diverse backgrounds with excellent flight experience. We utilize widely recognized Jeppesen, ASA and FAA training systems and our training is extremely individualized to accommodate different learning styles. We are confident that our instruction will not only prepare you to pass your FAA check ride, but it will endow you with the skills needed to continue to navigate the skies in a safe manner.

  1. Commitment to Improve / Grow

We currently operate perhaps the most diverse fleet of aircraft of any school in the region with high wing and low wing aircraft, newer and older models, single and multi-engine aircraft, complex and high performance aircraft, technologically advanced aircraft. Due to the size of our fleet, availability is typically not an issue. We proactively acquire new aircraft to stay ahead of the demand as well as to ensure that we are able to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. In addition to acquiring new aircraft, we are constantly monitoring the condition of our current aircraft and providing upgrades to interior, paint and avionics. We are also dedicated to growing the size of our operation, in order to be able to pass along the benefits associated enjoyed by bigger companies.

  1. Commitment to Provide an Enjoyable Atmosphere

While we pride ourselves in the level of professionalism and sincerity that we approach our training with, we also place a major emphasis on making training fun. Aviation is serious business but it should always be enjoyable. We foster a relaxed atmosphere that promotes learning instead of causing intimidation or anxiety. The aviation community is very tight-knit and at East Coast Aero Club we like to think of our customers and employees as a small family within that community. Despite the fact that we are a large business, you can expect a small school atmosphere where you will be able to come and hang out with other aviation enthusiasts.

  1. Commitment to Protect Students and Renters

One way other flight schools try to save money is by not covering their students and renters under their insurance policies. Such insurance policies typically have a waiver of subrogation which in essence allows the flight school to come after you for any damage you cause. Schools that employ such policies typically require that you purchase your own renter’s policy in order to fly their aircraft, which can be quite costly. Other schools may not even tell you that you are not covered. At East Coast Aero Club, we hold an excellent insurance policy from a well-respected provider for $2 million combined single limit and full hull value.  The policy also covers our students and renters for liability in the amount of $300,000 per occurrence as an additional insured. In the event of an incident, you would be required to pay a deductible ranging from $5,000 to $30,000 depending on the aircraft you were flying.  The deductible can be covered by purchasing a non-owned aircraft policy if you choose.

  1. Commitment to YOU!

We would be nothing without or loyal customers, which is why we are dedicated to providing top-notch customer service. We will work tirelessly to ensure you have a satisfactory experience.