Multi-Engine Rating Instruction

The multi-engine rating can be added on to a private or commercial certificate. The multiengine rating certifies the pilot to operate twin-engine aircraft. Whether your goal is to fly professionally or recreationally, the multiengine rating is the next step to improving your piloting skills.


Act as Pilot-in-Command of a multi-engine aircraft

Requirements (Part 61)

There are a number of maneuvers which multi-engine candidates must be proficient at, however, the only time requirement associated with the rating is three hours of preparation with an instructor for the FAA practical test.


The following is an estimated cost breakdown for an add-on multi-engine rating. The estimate was generated based on the time it takes the average student to obtain the rating. Please note that this breakdown is based on our Bedford rates (with the exception of the simulator charges) and will vary between locations. Additionally, this estimate should provide you with an idea of virtually all of the costs associated with obtaining this rating. We have established this estimate using a fairly conservative approach to avoid unexpected expenses. If you have questions regarding how our pricing differs from the pricing of our competitors please feel free to contact us!

Multi-Engine Rating Estimated Cost Breakdown
Dual Flight (10 Hours)

$ 3,650

Dual Simulator (2 Hours)

$ 220

Ground Instruction (3 Hours)

$ 210

Books / Supplies (Estimate)

$ 102

FAA Practical Test (Examiner Fee)

$ 450

FAA Practical Test (Aircraft Rental Approx. 1.5 Hours)

$ 413


$ 5,045